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2015 IIUG Board of Directors Election
Candidate Statements

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Returning Board Members (listed alphabetically, by last name)

Thomas Beebe
(Washington, D.C., USA)

While I am just finishing up my first year on the board I have been around the IIUG in a supporting role for over a decade. In that time I have actively managed the server, coordinated server migrations, made sure the infrastructure stayed up and resolved service interruptions when they occurred. I have also been an active member in the IIUG community, presenting at almost every IIUG and WAIUG conference since 2005, on a variety of Informix centric topics. Professionally the vast majority of my work is centered around Informix and besides being a developer and DBA with Informix I am also a huge advocate for it in the corporate world. I hope to get your vote to continue to help guide the organization, continue to work on the day to day business of the group, and continue to work on the larger project of modernizing the web site.

It has been very meaningful to be able to help work on IIUG policy, as well as working within the organization to continue to move the group forward. I would love your vote in hopes of being able to continue contributing in the areas I have been over the past year.

On my first year on the board, I have worked on updating the IIUG website, helped rewrite several internal board policies, as well as assisted with the setup of the new conference website. I have continued to be the active sysadmin for the server, so regardless of the election that role would of course continue. On top of that I am a web focused programmer and want to work to improve the mailing lists, continue the work on moving to a faster and more modern website, and help facilitate more services to members. I am happy to develop new code for the organization and the annual conference. I also have a ongoing project of trying to update the internal older systems we use.

Another useful attribute I bring to the board, as an Informix consultant I have to stay on top of the latest features while making sure I am still comfortable with almost all old versions. I have actively worked with 12.x and Informix SE in the same week, so I have a great deal of experience with the varied versions of Informix that the user base is running. This will help make sure that the IIUG both promotes the excellent new features that are being introduced without leaving those on older versions out of the focus of the group.

Gary Ben-Israel

Since he joined the board in 2004 Gary is speaking without fear for the IIUG members, dedicating many hours to the IIUG board and providing help, guidance and Information to the Informix user community.

Gary is currently the editor of the IIUG Insider and the coordinator for EMEA and APAC Local User Groups.

Gary is the CIO of Israel's National Institute for testing and Evaluation.

NITE's information management systems are running solely on Informix 12.10.

Gary is a certified Informix DBA and is leading a project converting all in-house applications to Java.

Gary volunteered to the Informix IDS 10, 11.10, 11.5, 11.7 and 12.10 EVP programs and helped writing the IDS 11 DBA test.

I promise to continue working hard for the IIUG and representing the International Informix community.

Miguel Carbone

Miguel Carbone "MC" has been involved with Informix technology since 1995. He started his professional career as a software engineer developing C/C++ solutions using Informix. He is president and principal consultant of MC Software, an IBM-Informix Consulting, Training, Translator and Tools Partner specializing in software development, data warehouse development, database design, performance tuning, high availability and Informix training and support.

Currently, Miguel specializes in developing creative, critical and strategic solutions to increase business performance, minimizing costs, providing his expertise to large-scale OLTP, web based and data warehouse systems requiring optimal speed, performance, and precision, developing and deploying critical nonstop solutions and environments.

Miguel is also the founder and president of the Brazilian Informix Users Group - BRIUG, a young but enthusiastic group, and has been serving on the IIUG Board of Directors since 2009.

Miguel "MC" is one of the most experienced Software Architects and IT Specialists in Brazil, leading a MC Software team, one of the most recognized technical teams, who develops unique and creative solutions. Miguel "MC" doesn't have customers, "MC" has references. "Everything MC does, MC does with passion."

Miguel founded and manage the first Informix center of excellence in Brazil, to maximize the quality of the solutions developed using Informix technology.

Rhonda Hackenburg
(Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA)

Rhonda has been working with Informix products for more than 25 years. In her current position as Research and Development Manager for IT Solutions, she was instrumental in influencing her organization to continue with Informix after the IBM acquisition. Rhonda is currently the secretary of the IIUG Board of Directors and contributes to the Insider. She has served as a member of the IIUG Conference Planning Committee since 2010. Rhonda remains committed to ensuring that Informix remains a viable product of the IBM portfolio.

Art Kagel
(New Jersey, USA)

It has been an interesting and rewarding several years since I joined the IIUG Board of Directors. I have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to further serve the Informix user community and I would like to continue to do so for the coming year. The last year has seen a vast improvement in the recognition of the Informix community and of the product line itself within IBM and in the market in general and I believe that in addition to directly serving the community I can continue to foster that relationship and to expand it further. Simply put: Vote for me!

Cindy Lichtenauer
(Lenexa, Kansas, USA)

Cindy has served on the IIUG Board of Directors for many years and considers it both an honor and a privilege. Her focus in recent years has been on the IIUG Informix conferences, working as a liaison between the user and iBM and serving as Treasurer of the organization. Her favorite thing to participate in is the planning and execution of the yearly conference and she is looking forward to a successful 2015 conference in San Diego!

She has worked with Informix for over 20 years and still has a dedicated passion and energy for the product. Please vote for Cindy so she can continue to serve the Informix community!

Stuart Litel
(Boston, Massachusetts,USA)

Current President - IIUG

Stuart Litel is an IT professional with eighteen years experience working with Informix products. His early days with Informix products included beta testing Informix 4GL and Informix SQL versions 1 as well as the first versions of Informix Rapid Development System and Turbo (now known as On-Line). He is one of the country's longest time users and developers of Informix products, and considered an authority and vast resource of Informix database knowledge.

Stuart is also the founder of the New England Informix User Group and remains a very active participant as the group's leader today. Some noteworthy activities within the Informix user community include his technical contributions to various books published on Informix products as well as to the Informix Certification Exams administered by Informix Corporation.

Stuart's professional work experience includes positions as Analyst, Developer, Data Base Administrator, and Project Manager. His knowledge spans the Informix product line and includes the various database engines as well as development tools. He has been a freelance Informix Consultant for more than ten years, providing his expertise to large-scale OLTP, web based and data warehouse systems requiring optimal speed, performance, and precision.

Jean Georges Perrin

This incredible adventure started in 2002. Since then, I worked in many companies, creating some, seeing some go... One constant during this whole time: my dedication to Informix. It is somehow funny to look over that stretch of time and see that the only constant was Informix. Pretty addictive. This dedication has been rewarded by IBM by being an IBM Champion for seven consecutive years.

The project I started a few years ago is coming to a major step this year, as we hope to have the new IIUG website up and running by the time of our conference. This tool will help promote Informix and the IIUG. I have other things to announce, but you will have to stay tuned... and hopefully come to the IIUG conference!

Eric Vercelletto
Pont l'Abbé, France

My history with Informix started in 1986, and includes 11 years as a technical account manager for Informix Software Inc, in France and Portugal. The rest is helping customers to control their IT and be happy. But this is not so important, what follows is important.

The IIUG has a critical role in the actual existence of Informix. If there were no IIUG until today, Informix would be one more part of the DBMS Museum and certainly not what is is now: a modern, solid, extendable and fast DBMS software, matching today and tomorrow's functional requirements, and that no one wants to change for anything else, unless she or he is obliged to. Let's just think a bit: how many DBMS softwares can put together all those qualities?

It is the IIUG board's duty to continue this task, because it owes it to the Informix community. To achieve this goal, the Board must be made of motivated people who do not fear to face adversity when Informix is threatened at some user company, or when a software editor wants to quit Informix because simply no one talks him about Informix anymore.

This is not just about selling Informix licenses and say "I like Informix", this is about much more than that. This is about consolidating the developers community so that customers and software makers can find Informix technical resources. This is about showing the advantages of Informix in the Universities and Computer Science Schools. This is about helping a customer to defend Informix position when executive level wants to change just becausethey do not know what Informix is. This is about sharing technical knowledge with partners and customers, and so much more.

Working on these goals is my choice and my commitment, joining energy and workforce with this great team, if you decide to re-elect me as a member of the IIUG Board of Directors.

New Candidates (listed alphabetically, by last name)

Vicente Salvador
Barcelona, Spain

Vicente has been working with Informix since 1988 when he started developing solutions with Informix 4GL. He has also been helping to improve Informix products participating on multiple Beta Programs. He is a recognized Informix consultant and specialist in Spain and Latin-America. Currently, he is the president of the Spanish Informix User Group where he provides Informix knowledge in their blogs. He's a fan of Informix Technology and has a deep experience on IWA, Grid and replication technologies. He has developed a native IWA OLAP engine based on XML/A datamart definition, as well as a Java Framework for Informix Cloud applications. He has also been appointed as the architect of a Framework for developing Android mobile applications interacting with Informix servers. His current job position, as Software Engineer, Informix Consultant and Project Manager, allows him to increase his experience on how Informix brings value to Project managers, technicians and most important, customers.

Bruce Simms
(St. Louis, Missouri, USA)

I have spent years as a user and supporter of the Informix product lines. I was involved in the St. Louis Users group and the IIUG as a member of the Leadership Council in early years and then as a Member of the Board. As a Senior DBA at Equifax, I have been supporting and using Informix since the days it was called Turbo up thru now. In addition to supporting the Informix engine I also support the installation of the 4GL tools, ESQL and ESQL COBOL here. I also support Informix as a member of the Conference Planning Committee for the IIUG conferences, 2 years as a track chair and then taking on the role of sponsor/vendor chair. I have continued to work in spreading the benefits that IDS provides for any type of company and strive to work get solid relationships for Informix with vendors for the IIUG even though not being a member of the board this last year. I few these next few years are going to become very important as to the Informix products in the IBM world as the IIUG is here to let the world know Informix is not dead!

Kate Tomchik
(Marietta, Georgia, USA)

I started using Informix 26 years ago at the Harris/3M company. I helped developed one of the first outbound telemarketing systems, where sellers would call purchasers of 3M copiers and offer to send new paper and toner that worked with their particular copier model. So in a way, I was one of the original annoying phone calls you get from vendors at your office! For the last 20 years I have been an Informix and DB2 LUW DBA, and now I am the Informix Architect for The Home Depot. Trust me, I know the retail effectiveness of using Informix.

I was on the IIUG board for many years, but didn't get elected last year. I blame myself, I forgot to campaign. I forgot to remind my colleagues to vote. I forgot that you deserve to be persuaded to vote for me. So this year I'm trying it again.

You should vote for me because I recognize the changing landscape of Informix usage. New systems may have died down in the US, but internationally it is stronger than ever. Other countries are much more appreciative of a lower cost database with a small foot print that is fast as hell! For this reason I have always argued against restricting the number of non-US board members, and have always wanted the voters to decide what they want. I realize that if the board had more Asia-Pacific members our costs would go up, but we are smart people who live in a virtual world. We can make any membership work. We need the best advocates who represent the current landscape of Informix.

I have also been against only putting people on the board that are active in their local user groups. Yes our duty is to our user community, but that is becoming less and less about the need to present local meetings on DBA tuning; but more about selling Informix to upper management so that the technical people can have Informix as an option. We must get the word out to the managers out there that Informix is alive and prosperous - only they can we truly give a rebirth to the product. That is why we need some managers of companies that are successfully selling Informix to join our board. It is not just a board to run a yearly user conference, it is a group who are the key advocates for promoting Informix.

So I offer the best of both worlds since I have been both a DBA and a leader of Informix users. I am an architect of the Informix product, I am active in the local user group, I am an IBM Champion for my work in helping promote the Informix product line, and I recognize the need for change in our current way of communicating with our users.

Now go vote for me! :-)