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IBM Informix has reinforced its position as a next-generation database and has been successfully adopted by enthusiastic customers, existing and new alike. Continuing in the lines of its legacy, Informix India User Group has re-evolved to suit the business needs of the ever growing user community.

IBM Informix proudly presents the Informix India User Group with a new face and added facets that shall empower you to network,  collaborate and contribute on a global stage. Elevate yourself from a passive member to an active contributor and explore  the whole new User Group to network across geographies.

Informix India User Group is a public forum open to all Informix enthusiasts.  The User group is dedicated to learn, share and network on IBM Informix technology across geographies. The User group houses a comprehensive Wiki for end to end information on Informix, Forum to discusson features and technologies, Blog sections tries to put together the blogs written on Informix, Files section hosts a set of publicly available files on Informix technology, Events and Activities encourage users to participate, share their insights and do much more.

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What's Happening in Informix world - October, 2015 Newsletter
IBM & Informix 
IoT highlights at IBM InsightThe Internet of Things (IoT) is not merely about connecting devices to devices: It is also about helping industries and services connect with each other. Get to know on the factors that are driving advances in IoT-enabled technology and take note of the key IoT highlights that were part of IBM Insight 2015. (Watch Video Replays)
IBM Plans to Acquire The Weather Company.s Product and Technology BusinessesThe planned acquisition would bring together IBM.s powerful cognitive and analytics platform and The Weather Company.s dynamic cloud data platform, which powers the fourth most-used mobile app daily in the United States and handles 26 billion inquiries to its cloud-based services each day.
IBM launches Apache Spark cloud serviceBig Blue is pushing in the chips on the Apache Spark, a big bet, it announced this past June. The cloud service is being offered as part of IBM Bluemix cloud. Read further on Apache Spark here and here as well. ( What is Apache Spark?)
Raspberry Pi 2 + IoT Foundation + Bluemix + InformixThis IoT recipe will take a minty fresh RasPi 2 and turn it into an IoTF-connected gateway hosting an IBM Informix TimeSeries database.
THE INTERNET OF THINGS 2015 REPORTThe Internet of Things (IoT) has been called the next Industrial Revolution - Examine how the IoT will affect and change the way all businesses, governments, and consumers interact with the physical world.
IS YOUR BUSINESS READY FOR THE INTERNET OF THINGS? Are you ready for the Internet of Things? Download this special white paper to learn how IBM Informix offers key capabilities to address the data management challenges of big data, cloud and mobile computing.
Customer Success Stories
Read, Hear & see the Visuals
Get the first hand information from the Executives themselves:
Ardenta wins Analytics Award @ IBM Insight 2015Ardenta gets Global Recognition as Informix Business Partner of the Year 2015 - 2016, as it wins Analytics award at IBM Insight conference held in Las Vegas, USA
Pull down the TCO by 40%-80% using Cedros Data Retention Server powered by IBM InformixData Retention Server (c.-DRS), an integrated solution to manage customer data and call detail records, is based on IBM Informix 12 and provides a high performance and scalability, loading billions of CDRs at 10,000+ records per second.
To know more, get in touch with Markus Michels, Managing Director, Cedros.
Technical Features and Support 
Appropriate Content: Informix Documentation TeamInformix allows dots in JSON field names
    Unlike MongoDB, which does not allow dots, ( . ), in JSON or BSON field names, IBM. Informix. conforms to the JSON standard and allows dots.
Creating Informix databases and table with the REST API
    You can easily create databases and tables in IBM. Informix. with REST API commands.
Informix and NoSQL
- A Tutorial Blog on Basics
- Manipulating NoSQL-Collections and Documents
To get you familiar with the Informix NoSQL functionality, the set of Blog Works from Martin Fuerderer, 'A Tutorial Blog' and 'Manipulating NoSQL-Collections and Documents', provide a step-by-step tutorial with many examples as well as more in-depth background information.
Handling Authentication with Informix REST ListenerGet to know on the Authentication model supported using the new Informix REST interface through the Blog work of Shawn D Moe
Video Tutorial Series 
Series of Video Tutorials to configure IoT Kit on Raspberry Pi 2
Series of Video Tutorials on Application development in IoT
Requests For Enhancements (RFE)Enforce your influence on the product development by Requesting, Suggesting and Voting for new features or enhancement of existing ones, on IBM's RFE Site.
Log in with your usual IBM ID, choose "Information Management" in the Brand dropdown box and "Informix Servers" or "Client Products" in the Products dropdown box.
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Building an end-to-end IoT application with ARM mbed and IBM IoT FoundationRegister Today to the Hands-on workshop
Building an end-to-end IoT application with ARM mbed and IBM IoT Foundation
Gartner Predicts Our Digital Future Daryl Plummer, Vice President, distinguished analyst and Gartner Fellow, discusses on Top 10 Predictions that herald what it means to be human in a digital world
Informix Storage and RAID5 - Doing Storage the Right Way!This is a replay of Art Kagels. Webcast on October 20, 2015 on Informix Storage and the impact of RAID levels, why not to use RAID 5 and what RAID levels work best with modern databases.
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