Help for Local User Groups  

Help for Local User Groups (LUGs)

The resources below are available to Local and Regional Informix User Groups free of charge. These are provided by the IIUG.

LUG Supporting Roles

  • Informix User Group Program Manager
  • Informix has established an internal position, the User Group Program Manager, to promote the success of all Informix User Groups. This position carries out the following tasks:

    • Coordinate the IIUG activities and communications to LUGs and local IBM Data Manage ment office
    • Interact with LUG leader and local sales liaison to schedule IBM speakers
    • Work with IBM Product Management to create presentations and road-shows
    • Work with IBM Marketing to promote LUG meetings
    • Coordinate with IIUG Board Liaison to help meet needs of LUGs and represent IIUG at local meetings

    For more information on the resources available from this office, send e-mail to

  • IIUG Board Representative (the "LUG Nut")
  • LUG Nut activities and responsibilities:

    • Create Web site space & server login
    • Create Email alias & member list
    • Promote meetings via email blasts to IIUG membership in LUG's region
    • Help locate speakers
    • Provide LUGs with best practices for running a user group

  • IIUG Board Member Liaison
  • Each LUG will have an IIUG Board member assigned as a liaison to the LUG. This person's roles are as follows:

    • Act as an ambassador to the LUG - visible and available for the LUG's special needs
    • Act in an advisory and mentoring role to the LUG
    • Build a relationship with leaders at the LUG
    • Assist in promoting meetings and activities of the assigned LUG to the IIUG community / provide access to IIUG resources
    • Increase IIUG Board representation at local meetings
    • One-on-one attention to the LUG to provide needed resources

IIUG Deliverables to LUGs

  • LUG start-up package
  • Local User Group Web pages: IIUG will host local Web pages on the IIUG server at no charge
  • Listing on IIUG events calendar
  • Access to a local IBM liaison
  • Email promotions to IIUG members
  • Email list support:

    • IIUG will provide an email alias specifically for LUG use
    • IIUG will provide a majordomo LUG email discussion or "blast to" list with all LUG member emails
  • Email blasts to IIUG members:

    • IIUG will send out emails to IIUG members in a regional area to promote LUG meetings and membership
  • Mailings to IIUG members in groups regional area to promote meetings:

    • To help promote LUG meetings and membership, IIUG may assist in sending mailings to IIUG members in those regions (case by case basis)
  • Listing of LUGs and contact on IIUG web site
  • Listing of LUG events in IIUG Events Calendar on IIUG web site
  • Quarterly electronic IIUG newsletter:

    • IIUG newsletter is available to LUG leadership for free distribution to their membership
  • Bi-weekly electronic IIUG Alerts:

    • IIUG Alerts are available to LUG leadership for free distribution to their membership
  • Two members on the Informix User Group Leadership Council (IUGLC) email list:

    • For communication between group leaders worldwide
    • For IIUG to promote information directly to leaders
    • For IIUG to promote information for leaders to forward to local groups
    • To receive feedback and ideas from group leaders
  • Meetings:

    • Leadership Council Meeting and dinner
    • IIUG Annual General Meeting, usually held at conference

IIUG Contacts

  • LUG Nut:
  • Informix User Group Program Manager:
  • General Board of Directors:
  • Feedback:

Informix User Group Leadership Council

Each local and regional user group has a seat on the Informix User Group Leadership Council, a forum where representatives from local groups, the IIUG, and Informix Software discuss topics of importance to Informix user groups and to the Informix Community at large. The Council meets annually at the Informix Worldwide User Conference and communicates regularly throughout the year. It provides feedback and direction on general issues, and makes recommendations on specific plans and programs.

IIUG Membership

All local and regional user group members are welcome to join the IIUG. Membership in the IIUG is at no cost. Each individual is responsible for filling in their own information and maintaining their IIUG member record. If you are already a member of the IIUG, you can login to the member area with your member number, last name and email address on record. To become an IIUG member, please join now. It is free and easy.

Call to Action

The IIUG needs you!

  • We have various leadership opportunities
  • We need volunteers for various actions

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