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Princeton Softech to Support IIUG

IIUG welcomes Princeton Softech as Gold sponsor -
September 27th Data Privacy Webinar announced.

Phoenix, AZ, September 12, 2006 - IIUG (International Informix Users Group, is an organization of volunteers dedicated to the Informix community. Princeton Softech, the market leader in enterprise data management, provides enterprise solutions that enable companies to align continuous control of application data to achieve their business objectives. Princeton Softech Optim™ is a comprehensive solution that supports and scales across enterprise applications, databases, operating systems and hardware platforms.

"The link could not have been more obvious," reports Stuart Litel, IIUG President and Director of Sponsorship. "With double-digit growth in the first two quarters, Informix is recognized as the enterprise database of choice. Princeton Softech offers a scalable solution for enterprise databases."

With a focus on data privacy compliance, IIUG and Princeton Softech agreed to present a joint Webinar titled, "Don't Leave the Back Door Open... Data Privacy for the Informix Database." This live Webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, September 27, 2006 at 3:00 p.m. EDT. More details are available on the IIUG website. To register for this complimentary Webinar, please visit

"Princeton Softech Optim helps companies align application data management with their business objectives to improve performance, mitigate risks and control costs," noted Jim Mazzeo, Director Business Development at Princeton Softech. "Optim provides important advantages to Informix clients. First, Optim is the only enterprise data management solution with archiving capabilities for Informix that scale across applications, improving performance, while reducing infrastructure costs. Second, Optim's test data management and masking capabilities streamline testing processes, while protecting confidential data in the development and testing environments. Optim's Informix-focused advantages, coupled with our Gold Sponsorship with IIUG, will allow Princeton Softech to forge deep relationships with Informix clients."

IIUG is an independent organization, run by volunteers. Funding comes, in part, from sponsors like Princeton Softech. In return, IIUG works with selected companies in reaching the Informix community through exclusive services. The identities of IIUG members are never communicated to business partners and direct e-mail campaigns are banned as well. "Our members trust us and we respect them. 90% of our sponsors are also renewing their support. Once more, there is a good match," concludes Litel.

About IIUG -

Founded in 1995 and with over 26,000 members, the International Informix Users Group (IIUG) is one of the largest and fastest growing user groups in world. Among its services, IIUG provides Informix news and other RSS feeds, technical and general discussion forums including IDS, 4GL, Cloudscape, XPS, and RedBrick related forums, and support for local user groups. IIUG is an independent organization run by volunteers with sponsorship by IBM, ADTC, M Systems International, Four J's, Kazer, Rocket, Gillani, Cobrasonic, AGS, Princeton Softech and Oninit. Membership in IIUG is free.

About Princeton Softech -

Princeton Softech provides enterprise solutions which align application data management with business objectives. Our industry leading Optim™ solution enables organizations to optimize performance, mitigate risks and control costs. Partnered with the market leaders in business technology, we deliver capabilities that scale and support your enterprise - applications, databases and platforms. More than 2,200 companies worldwide - including nearly half of the Fortune 500 - rely on Princeton Softech's proven solutions to maximize the business value of their enterprise applications and databases.

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IIUG Director of Communications
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Jill Fernald
Edelman for Princeton Softech
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Princeton Softech
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