From the Board
of Directors



February 14, 2007

Dear Informix User,

Let's put it this way. It is not excitement anymore; we are literally thrilled by the open beta of Cheetah and the upcoming release later this year.

Once more, it proves IBM's continued commitment towards this unique technology. It's not about database, it's about the technology that enables your business to consume and manage Information, whether it is structured, whether it is really unstructured thanks to Informix' unique DataBlade feature enabling Java to talk directly from the engine to the data, or if it semi-structured data like XML and much, much more.

Informix has proven to be one of the most reliable data servers with some companies having a ratio of one DBA administering over one thousand instances, 24x7.

Informix Cheetah is certainly the premier database when it comes to geodetic data or RFID data. Informix Cheetah has a completely redesigned administration center (but it is so autonomic you will never really use it). Cheetah introduces so many new technologies you will discover in the press, on our web site, in your local community.

Finally fellow Informix Users, we would like to invite you to discuss your cheetah experience on the Informix Forum, a unique gathering place, where Informix experts, current and to become, will assist, help and share their passion with you and your Cheetah at the IIUG web site.

Today, IIUG (International Informix Users Group) is proud to represent the users' interests and to embrace over 28,000 members. Come and visit us at and join the community. Membership is free.

Have a wonderful Cheetah experience,

Stuart Litel
IIUG President

Jean Georges Perrin
IIUG Director for Communication


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