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Ted J. Wasserman
Outgoing Informix Channel Marketing Manager
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Outgoing Editor's Corner
Yes, you read the headline correctly! I will soon be transitioning into a new position at IBM. It has been wonderful working with you over the last couple of years and I thank you for making my job so interesting and enjoyable.

I am very pleased to announce that Sapna Muralikrishnan will be taking over my responsibilities as your Informix Channel Marketing Manager. Sapna has over 10 years of experience in the IT solutions and services industry, and will be a great asset for moving the Informix business forward. I encourage you to reach out to Sapna to introduce yourself and share your background, ideas, and needs. Future editions of this newsletter and other communications will be coming to you from Sapna, so please keep an eye out for her correspondence.

Before I sign off, I again would like to say how wonderful it has been to work with such a dedicated, passionate, and knowledgeable group of partners. You are instrumental in helping IBM drive the Informix business forward, and we really appreciate your continued loyalty and enthusiasm.

Best Wishes,
Ted Wasserman

Sapna Muralikrishnan
Informix Channel Marketing Manager

Informix Business Partner Council &
Customer Advisory Council
Saturday October 22    8am - 5pm

Informix Update for Business Partners
Tuesday October 11th, 2011
09:00 Eastern (14:00 GMT)
Editor's Corner
As I write this article, we are in the midst of our final preparations for the annual Information On Demand (IOD) Conference in Las Vegas. IOD is one of the best forums for you to participate, network and learn about our Information Management strategy and portfolio - including Informix. I have tried to address some of the questions that you might have about the conference in the following sections.

New this year, our business partner program will be combined and include an Information Management, Business Analytics and Enterprise Content Management focus. You will engage in one complete program designed to help you maximize performance and drive better business results.

Join us to learn about the exceptional programs and resources at your disposal to grow your business. [UTF-8?]You’ll learn about plans, directions, market trends, competitive strategies and new and innovative technologies to help you drive new business opportunities. The Business Partner Summit (Saturday and Sunday) is complimentary; however, you must register for this portion of the conference to participate and reap the benefits. To get more information about the conference and register, click here.

We will also be holding our regular Informix business partner council and customer advisory council meetings on Saturday October 22. Any Informix business partner is welcome to attend. We will be sharing information about upcoming Informix initiatives and programs, marketing and sales updates, and more. The Informix Customer Advisory Council follows this meeting and you are also welcome to stay for that as well. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP.

Finally, save the date on your calendars for a special Informix update webcast we will be holding exclusively for our business partners that will cover recent announcements and give you a preview of what is coming in the rest of 2011. Sign-up HERE.

I look forward to meeting you at the IOD conference!

Hear your peers talk about IOD

You Can't Afford To Miss the IOD Conference
The IOD conference is the best opportunity for you to hear why IBM Informix is the database software voted #1 in customer satisfaction. With over 25 Informix sessions and hands-on labs to choose from, you will learn about Informix capabilities that deliver unprecedented advantages, including advanced performance for OLTP and mixed workloads, continuous availability, efficiency, minimal complexity and lower computing costs. [UTF-8?]You’ll learn about the latest features including the Informix Flexible Grid, Informix Warehouse Accelerator, Informix TimeSeries, and Informix Genero, as well as tips, tricks and best practices shared by product experts, customers and partners who will share their real-life experiences with Informix.  

In addition to the rich Informix content, you will be able to leverage and enjoy a variety of activities throughout the week, such as one-on-one meetings with IBM executives, meetings with IBM Subject Matter Experts, community programs and receptions, exceptional tools and resources for doing account strategy and planning, extensive opportunities for networking with 10,000+ attendees. You will also learn best practices from IBM and other clients that will help you achieve faster ROI.

Click here to see what your peers have to say about why you need to be at IOD.

Business Partner Summit
October 22 & 23
Why Attend the Business Partner Summit?
The Business Partner Summit sets the stage for the IOD conference. This is a great platform for you to meet with key IBM executives and peers at an exclusive networking reception where you are the guest of honor!

Being a part of this summit will give you a lot of insight into the wealth of programs, resources and support at your disposal to grow your business as an IBM Business Partner. You also get to choose from a wide assortment of breakout sessions and get the latest insights, trends, education, and competitive analysis.

Last but not least, learn about product roadmaps, see the latest demos, and participate in technical deep dives from experts, thought leaders, technical gurus and subject matter experts and equip yourself to help answer your clients' most compelling questions.


Business Partner Resources

Informix Business Partner Collaboration Forum
A new discussion forum hosted by the IIUG has been set up exclusively for business partners to use as a mechanism to collaborate with each other. This forum is only visible and accessible to business partners who sign up for it. Membership is open to any IBM Informix business partner (we will verify your business partner status) and you must also be an IIUG member. To sign up for access, please email us and provide the main email address in your IIUG member record, or the SIGs email address in your Member record (under the Membership button). You will be sent a confirmation email when your access has been approved.

Discover InformixEvent-in-a-Box
The Discover Informix Event-in-a-Box is a kit designed for IBM Business Partners to run a half-day or lunch & learn style of event, focused on the business value delivered by Informix and related solutions. There will be a keynote session that focuses on how the new innovations in Informix solve real-world business problems. Additional sessions will focus on key Informix topics of interest such as the new Informix Warehouse Accelerator for extreme performance, Informix Genero, Smart Metering Solutions using Informix TimeSeries, Information Security & Privacy Solutions that Enable Information Governance, and Embedded Data Management. The objectives of the event are to drive Informix awareness, improve consideration and drive leads by energizing the existing Informix community and leveraging their passion to influence new prospects. To access the event-in-the-box, click here.

Information Management Solutions Portal
The Information Management Solution Portal is an interactive web site designed to showcase business partner solutions that support Information Management software. IBM Business Partners with solutions that integrate Informix and other Information Management software are able to have their solution listed in the portal at no cost. It is critical to get your Informix-supported solutions listed as this will be the central hub that all IBM sales teams and customers will be pointed to when they need to find applications and solutions built on top of Informix. Getting your solution listed is a straightforward process and does not consume a lot of time. If your solution is not listed yet, START TODAY!  To get your solution listed, listed, please contact us.

Develop on InformixCampaign Materials
Are you interested in attracting new developers and solution providers to Informix? If so, leverage new high-quality marketing materials including an email, direct mailer, postcard, sample web page, and web banner. Most of the materials are customizable so you can include your company logo and specific call-to-action. You can find these new assets on the IBM Co-Marketing Center (CMC) -- search with the keywords "Develop on Informix" to find them. To access the CMC, click here.

Industry Marketing Templates
Information Management industry marketing templates are available for Business Partners to edit to quickly create compelling event invitations and solution sheets with industry messaging. Business Partners with an industry solution that integrates Information Management software can "jump start" the creation of marketing campaigns using these templates. It's easy and free. The industry templates contain graphics and the same industry pain points and messaging from effective IBM campaigns. Business Partners simply drop in their own logo and unique solution description and contact information.  

So far, the assets available include solution briefs and event invitations for the Communications, Financial, Government, Healthcare, and Retail industries. More assets are under development and will be available soon. You can find these assets on the IBM Co-Marketing Center (CMC) -- search with the keywords "Information Management Industry Event" or "Information Management Solution Brief". To access the CMC, click here.

You can also listen to the recorded webcast to learn how to use these new templates. View the webcast presentation and listen to the Audio.

Quick Reference Tool for Informix Business Partners
In an effort to continue to provide key information to our Informix business partners and make it easy to find, we have created an Informix Quick Reference Tool that you can use for "one-stop clicking" to various Informix assets and information. Bookmark it and check back frequently for the latest information.

Informix Marketing Materials for Business Partners
Do you want to run a demand generation campaign around Informix 11.7?  Leverage these new materials created by IBM's marketing agency to generate new leads for Informix. These materials, which include a direct mailer, email template, web banner, and more, are customizable so that you can add your own company logo and call to action. You can find these new assets on the IBM Co-Marketing Center (CMC). To access the CMC, click here.

IBM PartnerWorld
Are you a member of IBM PartnerWorld? Find out what you are missing:  Communication, Collateral, Lead Generation benefits, and much more! To learn more about becoming a PartnerWorld member, click here.

Informix Resources

Sales and Marketing Materials
Informix Quick Reference Tool for BPs
Informix Business Partner Sales Kit
IBM Co-Marketing Center Tool
Discover Informix Event-In-A-Box
Information Management Solution Portal

Business Partner Programs
Ready-for-Informix Certification
IBM Software Value Plus
IBM PartnerWorld

Education Opportunities
Informix Business Partner Bootcamps
Informix Technical Roadshow
Informix Chat With the Lab
International Informix User Group (IIUG)

Social Media

IBM Bloggers
Bruce Weed's Blog
Louis Cherian's Blog
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In The News

Informix BP Update Webcast
October 11th, 2011
09:00 Eastern (14:00 GMT)
MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Informix Business Partner Update Webcast
Save the date on your calendar and register for a special Informix update webcast we will be holding exclusively for our business partners to go over recent announcements and give you a preview of what is coming in the rest of 2011. You can't afford to miss this one! Sign-up HERE.

IBM Webcast: Data Management for a New Generation with IBM Informix
This session is designed for new and existing Informix users to learn why Informix is still is the best solution, from the most mundane of data needs all the way to the largest of systems. We will show examples where Informix is better than any other technology when you combine all of the capabilities around:

 * Always On with dynamic reconfiguration, self-tuning and the most flexible replication in the industry. This is about 100% uptime.
 * Always Smart with the ability to bring a large number of users into a database to ask the hard questions around data warehousing and analytical processing. 100s of concurrent users wanting Google-like response times.
 * Always Flexible as Informix is the only enterprise database that can run and replicate between operating systems, tiers, versions and geographies. It can grab and return resources on-demand for your worst case scenarios.
 * Always Fast for transactional, warehousing, and mixed environments. Do your users now expect those queries that took minutes before to run in seconds? Are you looking to bring your corporate data to more and more users [UTF-8?]– both inside and outside your organization?

Oracle cannot do this. Microsoft [UTF-8?]doesn’t know how. Teradata falls apart with too many concurrent users.  Oh, did we mention you can do all this for a fraction of the cost? License cost, hardware cost, people costs. We know your accountants care about that.

Date: October 4, 2011
Time: 10:00 AM Pacific Time (Los Angeles) / 1:00 PM Eastern Time (New York City)
Duration: 60 Minutes

Register for the webcast here.
InformationWeek Webcast: The Hidden Challenge in Meter Data Management
The rapid rollout of smart meters as part of the Smart Grid adoption by utilities companies has been nothing short of impressive. However, as the meters are turned on, utilities are often ill-prepared to manage the deluge of data flowing at unprecedented levels. Strategies should be put in place today to manage performance, control costs and meet regulatory requirements.

Please join speakers from IDC Energy Insights and IBM for this live webcast to hear:

 * Challenges faced when managing smart meter data
 * How actual utilities companies are meeting these challenges
 * How to dramatically reduce storage and system costs while accommodating growth
 * How to accelerate time-to-value gained from smart meter data

Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Time: 9:00 AM Pacific Time (Los Angeles) / 12:00 PM Eastern Time (New York City)
Duration: 60 minutes

Register for the webcast here.

Oninit and Traak Systems Partner to Develop Solutions for E&U
Oninit Consulting, the Informix services company and Traak Systems, which provides predictive analytics solutions, have announced a partnership which will see them jointly develop solutions for the energy, renewable energy and utilities marketplace. Together they will work to combine the power of the Traak complex event processing (CEP) engine with that of Informix, one of the fastest and most powerful databases in the world. The solutions will leverage the native Time Series data handling capabilities of Informix and the analytical, real-time, next event predictive capabilities of the CEP engine. Companies will, for the first time, be able to receive, interpret and understand vast quantities of real-time information and transform this for immediate action in dynamic business situations. Traak and Oninit will focus initially on the energy and utilities markets and broaden the focus to other sectors including transportation, retail and manufacturing over time.

Read the full press release here.
IBM Offers Database Solution to Enable Smart Meter Data Capture
A recent IBM white paper, Build Smart Metering Solutions with IBM Informix TimeSeries, explores how smart meters change how utility companies capture data, which creates new possibilities for the use of that data.

Click on the link above to understand how this new data captured by the smart meter is used in two-way communications between the meter and the enterprise systems running outage management, time-of-use billing, load forecasting and other applications.

Read the web article about this whitepaper here.
Informix Videos
Have you seen the latest Informix client videos? Learn how Informix solutions are being used everywhere and how some of our clients are adopting powerful technology like the Informix Flexible Grid to solve some of their toughest business challenges.

To view the videos, click here.

Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition 90 Day Trial Version
Are you or your customer interested in trying out the new Informix Ultimate Warehouse Edition (and Informix Warehouse Accelerator) to see the magnitude of speed up of your data warehousing workload first-hand? There is now a 90 day trial version available for download on the Informix download site. Download and try it out today!

Download the trial edition here.
Join Us for the Next Informix Chat With The Lab
Topic: The Latest Informix Performance Features

This webcast will cover several Informix 11.70 performance features. Reduce index overhead by using Forest of Trees and Disable Foreign Key Index features. Take advantage of connectivity optimization features such as Network Name Service Caching, Multiple Listen Threads, and Multiple FD Servers. Finally, improve run-time performance of C-UDRs by pre-loading C-UDR shared libraries.

Thursday September 29, 2011
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Eastern (GMT-05:00) / 10:30 AM Central / 8:30 AM Pacific / 16:30hrs London / 17:30hrs Frankfurt, Paris / India 10 PM

Register for this event here.

Note: The presentation will be available at prior to the event.

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