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Informix Magazines & Newsletters — IIUG Insider is IIUG's monthly newsletter. — IBM Data Management Magazine — IBM Data Management magazine has news and articles about Informix database management software.

http:/ — Informix Mag provides consolidated online Informix news. It includes traditional news services and news articles tailored specifically for DBA and Developer specific news, as well as discussion forums and a directory of Informix-related services. — Informix news, articles, and information — The Database Journal provides daily news, tutorials, reviews, discussion forums, and scripts for database administrators and professionals. — Database Trends and Applications — The Informix Zone newsletter in English — The Informix Zone newsletter in German — The Informix Zone newsletter in French

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IBM Information Management Accelerated Value News — IIUG Developers Desktop is a short-lived monthly newsletter based on articles from the IBM Informix Development staff who have since move on to blogs. Four editions were published in 2008.