Informix Products

Informix Dynamic Server (IDS)
Exceptional, low maintenance online transaction processing (OLTP) data server for enterprise and workgroup computing.

Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) Express
Self-managing data server combining easy installation and deployment with impressive integration capabilities - designed with midmarket businesses in mind.

Informix C-ISAM.
A library of C-language functions that efficiently manages indexed sequential access method (ISAM) files.

Informix Extended Parallel Server (XPS)
Elegant business intelligence data server that provides scalable data warehousing for the largest, most demanding, business-critical applications.

Informix OnLine
Easy-to-use, embeddable, relational data server that efficiently manages small to medium workloads in a hands-off environment.

Informix Standard Engine (SE)
Embeddable data server designed for developing small- to medium-sized applications that need the power of SQL without any administration requirements.

IBM Red Brick. Warehouse
Data server designed to meet the specialized requirements for business-critical, high-demand data analysis.