IBM Informix Solutions

Experience mobility on demand with IDS and DB2 Everyplace
Combined with the power of Informix Dynamic Server, mobile solutions powered by DB2 Everyplace can make a significant impact. For On Demand Business environments, this means infusing greater productivity into an on-the-go workforce. Mobile users can remain as productive on the road as they are in the office or at home.

Informix support for Linux
Need solutions for Linux? IBM Informix products and tools are enhanced with features designed to exploit the benefits of Linux.

Informix technology for industries
Make a phone call, surf the Web, make airline or hotel reservations, play a video game, or go shopping. IBM Informix software is there, ensuring that the transaction completes quickly, securely and reliably.

Informix 4GL and Rational EGL
The integration of these IBM software products offers powerful synergies for leveraging your existing IT investment - while ensuring the growth potential for emerging technologies.

Informix and WebSphere bundles
Extend the responsiveness, focus and resiliency of your software applications by adding capabilities to your existing IT investment. The advantage is a comprehensive, integrated infrastructure for small, medium and large on demand businesses.