2006 and Before  

IDS New Feature Requests - 2006 and Before

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Top 10 requested features from the recent IIUG survey are highlighted and numbered in order of responses.
New features requested during the survey are all dated August 15, 2006.
When # Rank Feature
21-Jun-05 1   Create a new command that will complete outstanding in-place alters on a table
22-Jun-05 2   Rather than limiting replication from one server to another, give an option for HDR from 1 primary to N secondary
21-Jul-05 3   Change table owner
23-Nov-05 4   B175153: "onstat -r 60 -" should include a date/time in its output.
14-Jan-05 5   Make the new 9.40 onpladm command work against a 7.31 database
3-Dec-05 6   Give ability to set SQLSTATE from within a RAISE EXCEPTION command
8-Oct-05 7   Currently it is possible to create a database that dbexport can export but dbimport cannot import, e.g. 32767 columns. Need to increase SQL buffer from 64K to a larger one, say 2M.
4-Dec-05 8 1 Automatic Update Statistics so that engine performs this automatically as needed (similary to dostats written by Art Kagel).
4-Dec-05 9   Increase the Stored Procedure Language to all it to be greater than 64K in length (perhaps 2Mb).
4-Dec-05 10   Add ability to include simple functions to a fragmentation schema e.g. FRAGMENT BY EXPRESSION month(tr_date=1) in frag1, month(tr_date) in frag2 etc.
5-Dec-05 11   Create a new "WITH ... AS" clause for inline views.
5-Dec-05 12 7 Make built in functions such as UPPER() invariant for functional indexes.
2-Jan-06 13   Give DBA the ability to limit the amount of memory each single session can use.
5-Jan-06 14   DRDA Connectivity from Informix<->DB2 (LUW/zOS) without using additional products like Informix Gateway for DRDA, or a Wrapper in DB2
5-Jan-06 15   Remove the requirement for a column list in view creation, i.e. "create view foo as select myfunc() as mycol" instead of "create view foo (mycol) as select myfunc() as mycol".
5-Jan-06 16   Optimize ANSI joins in views.
6-Jan-06 17   Include n-tuple comparisons which is already part of the sql standard. (a,b,c) > (1,2,3)
6-Jan-06 18 8 Give a count distinct function that will work with multiple columns, e.g. select count distinct (a,b,c)
6-Jan-06 19   Allow shared named server side prepared statements: CREATE NAMED PREPARED STATEMENT fetch_employee(employee_id) as select * from employee where employee_id = ? ; You could even assign priveledges to it. then in the application you would have something like: pStatement = getPreparedNamedStatement("fetch_employee");
1-Jan-06 20 5 Automatic table creation using existing column definitions from another table (or join of multiple tables). CREATE TABLE x AS SELECT a,b,..
1-Apr-06 21   Take function in XPS to UPDATE/DELETE with a join to another table.
10-May-06 22   Add the ability to have an email sent alarming that a table is dropped.
10-May-06 23 6 A method of doing a compare between the schemas of two tables, which would create the code to adjust one schema to look identical to the other.
10-May-06 24 4 Add a message to the log file which includes the date, time, and user name that dropped or modified a table.
10-May-06 25 9 Fix the auditing utility to work better and with less resources.
10-May-06 26   Set up an easy way to see transaction counts for the server, that can be used to compare the transactions per servers. Whatever is set up would then give an apples to apples comparison with the same system on a different server. Perhaps add it to onstat -p. (Currently this requires combining a number of fields on this output).
10-May-06 27   Allow the creation of multiple buffer pools of the same size for the same instance. This could be used to separate the buffers for different applications, or to distribute indexes and data buffer pools.
10-May-06 28   Create ANSI Node Data blades.
20-Jun-06 29 2 Create a table reorg command that would do an initial check of existing disk space needed for a reorg, and then upon verify the space exists would perform the reorg in an online mode.
21-Jun-06 30 10 Give native support for XML.
21-Jun-06 31   Give OLTP specific multiple Active/Active HDR.
26-Jun-06 32 3 How about materialized views similar to how O does it.
12-Jul-06 33   Expand the current ability to create a new index online to allow rebuilding existing indexes. Allow you to rebuild an index (drop/create) online.  Reason for a 24/7 system, if an index has for example: 100 extents and you want to rebuild it, but it is on a large table, 100 million rows.  Also allow this for "alter table add foreign key", since if you need to drop/create an index that has a foreign key, allow that to be done online also.  Minimize the downtime that these will take. 
4-Aug-06 34   Allow full oncheck functionality against an HDR Secondary.
4-Aug-06 35   Why doesn't Informix implement some sort of timestamp type? Or put in an easier faster mechanism to do this? CreateTime datetime year to second default current, ModifiyTime timestamp year to second
15-Aug-06 36   better PHP + Apache2 support
15-Aug-06 37   Rational Data Architect - Database modelling to generate Entity Releationl Diagrams Micosoft Visual Studio - plugins to aid development, we have these but we do not promote as much as we should (including the Excel plugin) DB2 features to port MDC,MQT better OLAP support for BI systems Extensibility, Object Translator to provide object applicaiton to releational database table mapping Websphere Integeration - promote it better Customer References - Most Important Benchmarks - Even more important than MOST IMPORATNT , to show status against competitors Microsoft, Oracle etc to show that this product is not really dead and that we are ahead of the competitors
15-Aug-06 38   Ability to disconnect a session as a global entity and connect to that session from a different task maintaining cursor and transaction contexts. Alternatively to be able to disconnect a transaction or cursor context from the current session and reattach to it from another session. This is similar to how mulitple connection pools can be used in a threaded application but would mean moving the session name or context name into the server and providing means to attach to such a named global context.
15-Aug-06 39   - Enforce a definable limit on locks per session - Create roles with password - Implement the XPS login/logout procedure - Implement the XPS different indexing (bitmap...) - Create some kind of 'instance roles' to make a specific role spawn across dat
15-Aug-06 40   something like Oracle's RAC clustering capability.
15-Aug-06 41   1) Include more dynamic SQL Features in SPL. 2) INFORMIX OUTER JOIN doesn't have same behavior as ANSI LEFT JOIN when you filter a OUTER FIELD. It ignores filtering clause and ANSI does well. And when you create a VIEW with ANSI SQL it behaves as INFORMIX OUTER JOIN. It is not regular. we're using 9.40 FC7
15-Aug-06 42   Java 1.5 support for UDR. Sync JDBC driver and UDR driver. Java UDR to return ResultSet.
15-Aug-06 43   IBM should create a company called 'Informix' giving the two databases their own direction.
15-Aug-06 44   Support PAM (external authentication modules) in 64 bit version Informix for AIX (currently supported on Solaris, Linux, both 32 and 64 bit, as applicable. On HP-UX and AIX, PAM is supported in 32 bit mode only)
15-Aug-06 45   Killing session by sql, like oracle: ALTER SYSTEM KILL SESSION <SID>;
15-Aug-06 46   Maintain Informix-4GL compatibility with gcc. Specifically, make c4gl work with gcc 4.x. Give Informix-4GL ability to easily generate HTML or PDF.
15-Aug-06 47   Oracle Wait Interface (dbms_system.set_ev(sid, serial#, 10046, 0, '');) Very useful for analyze perfomance problems.
15-Aug-06 48   Provide a better storage manager than ISM. ISM is limited and is a 'crippled' version of Legato. We use Legato for filesystem backups so the two products conflict on configuration directories, etc. ISM is very difficult to set up and manage. We are always running the risk that our third party vendor (BMC) will cease supporting IDS.
15-Aug-06 49   ability to alter fragment on system catalog tables
15-Aug-06 50   Would like to have the Change Data Capture tables just like the 'O' has Improve on Security
15-Aug-06 51   change update syntax for mix update and select query for records which was affected by update. for example: update employes set bonus= bonus+ 100 where department_id= 1001 into ((temp table) | (cursor [with hold])) (<any columns from employes table delimited by coma>)
15-Aug-06 52   Dynamic SPL: Select * from <string_variable>
15-Aug-06 53   Add an option in oninit and onmode commands to skip logical recovery.
15-Aug-06 54   one command to upgrade, makes backups of files, verifies any problems, performs the upgrade seamlessly. Gui tool for things like imported restores as well as other restore processes. i-star.
15-Aug-06 55   We need built-in real-time SQL tracing utility Also - it would be very nice to be able to execute SPL statements as normal SQL code (as in Oracle PL/SQL).
15-Aug-06 56   Change default behavior of temporary tables to non-logging, based on a config parameter (I believe I heard this is in the works).
15-Aug-06 57   Better GUI management tool with capabilities on order of SQL Server and some of the ISA capabilities. Need better tool included, not seperate product.
15-Aug-06 58   1. Ability to control max number of locks by user so that one user cannot consume all locks and block the engine. 2. DateTime stamp in most/all sysmaster tables so that you can determine how long some of the activities have been in progress. ie., how long has this user been locking specific rows (time to kill their session)
15-Aug-06 59   Port to run on Mac OS X
15-Aug-06 60   For Informix SE, I should be able to export the database without regard to locking. MySQL and other db engines allow this. It makes maintenance difficult. Informix SE needs better install and order of what get installed in what order so that tools work.
15-Aug-06 61   Informix MUST do the column encryption thing better. A LOT better. How about having all users with a certain role automatically have the columns encrypted/decrypted for them? Otherwise, it's useless in any way that my application could use.
15-Aug-06 62   Ability to change all onconfig parameters online. Ability to switch on/off
15-Aug-06 63   a tool or command to release space nonused ,avoiding to do drop/create/load table
15-Aug-06 64   How about remembering those of us who use Standard Engine! I need the ability to query multiple Informix databases in the same query and to be able to query among Informix and non-informix databases on different servers.
15-Aug-06 65   Index usage monitoring - specify how often an index is used and maybe what columns of the index are used and for what filtering purposes.
15-Aug-06 66   Direct server login without using the unix userids. Ability to turn on automatic record ins/upd/del logging with datetime stamps.
15-Aug-06 67   Add alter row type statement to alter a row type and any descendent types or tables.
15-Aug-06 68   I cannot think of anything at the present time.
15-Aug-06 69   Dynamic SQL in Stored Procedure Language
15-Aug-06 70   Ability for the DBA to issue a statement against a table that would reserve and exclusive lock, terminate any existing connections to that table, and then give the exclusive lock to the DBA. Option to allow existing connections to complete before knocking them off.
15-Aug-06 71   simpler way to perform a restore on another server after a onbar/ism backup
15-Aug-06 72   in isql/dbaccess ability to specify the length (horizontal width) of the output before dbaccess reformats to vertical layout of column name - value pairs. Example: colA colb colc xxxxx xxxxx...100 more...xxxx xxxxx instead of cola xxxxx colb xxxxx...100 more...xxxx colc xxxxx At least in 9.4 haven't figure out how to do.
15-Aug-06 73   A graphical onstat that allows to drill down so you can figure out problems in a quicker way.
15-Aug-06 74   Include a Macintosh client SDK!!!!!!
15-Aug-06 75   Support current versions of ARC SDE (ESRI) on Linux with associated DataBlade.
15-Aug-06 76   Improve performance or create a new process to dbexport/dbimport in case of version upgrades.
15-Aug-06 77   Show the explain plan of the select statement in onstat -g sql.
15-Aug-06 78   instead of unlimited locks, pls have LOCKSMIN/LOCKSMAX. Smarter update stats like XPS Ability to see query plans just as in XPS Replication sync feature in ER to be smarter and ability to use multiple threads, currently it is v v v slow. I-spy features built-in perhaps with On/Off switch.
15-Aug-06 79   1. easy command to drop all data from a table
15-Aug-06 80   Have onclean work for IDS.
15-Aug-06 81   Bundle ISPY into IDS before ISPY dies on the vine. Add external tables from XPS to IDS Add onstat -g xqs
15-Aug-06 82   please enhance onstat -u to include unix pid also, make all human readable command output from hex or other formats
15-Aug-06 83   - Multi-Index Joins in OLTP as they exist in XPS - Column length independent of encryption or UTF8 (a char(30) should be able to keep 30 characters no matter how they are crypted or masked
15-Aug-06 84   Improve SNMP support, better and more counters, enlarge the supported OS (Linux for example)
15-Aug-06 85   1. Any Functions in index. 2. Schemas like oracle
15-Aug-06 86   1. Allow first and next extent size specification for index creation. 2. Fragment table expressions supporting blade functions. 3. Table level restore to support UDTs. 4.Optimise SQL for queries using a view in a correlated subquery. 5.Support opaque datatypes in distributed queries. 6.Fix long running SPL suffering from poor memory management. 7.Make SPL a real language.
15-Aug-06 87   Allow you to rebuild an index (drop/create) online. Reason for a 24/7 system, if an index has ex. 100 extents and you want to rebuild it. Also allow this for 'alter table add foreign key', since if you need to drop/create an index that has a foreign key, allow that to be done online. Minimize the downtime that these will take. I have been at multiple clients 24/7 where I only had 90 minutes to have an outage, but when I needed to drop/create and index and re-enable the foreign key on a 100 million row table, the index rebuild would take 30 minutes, but the re-enabling the foreign key took 2 1/2 hours, therefore I was unable to do the task. Expand the current ability to create a new index online.
15-Aug-06 88   provide external tables and load capability like XPS.
15-Aug-06 89   Add SQL support: select * from Atable where (c1,c2) = (select c1,c2 from Btable ); update Atable set (c1,c2) = ( select c1,c2 from Btable where ...) where ... ;
15-Aug-06 90   1. Restore the LBU_PRESERVE parameter to prevent logs filling when they fail to back up. 2. Force a checkpoint automatically if more than some % of the logs has been filled (even if backed up) since he last checkpoint. Parameter: CKPTPCT ? 3. An onmode command to turn the fuzzy checkpoints feature on or off. 4. An onmode command and/or config parameter to control creation of BEFIMAGE temp tables during an archive. I have often seen the filling temp space abort a backup. 5. Automatic expansion of the locks pool: Is there a parameter to enable or disable this feature? I have seen it extend 8 or 10 times and then corrupt the server, requiring dial-in by donw-systems support. 6. Lock quotas: Default quota in ONCONFIG file and database-setable per user or members of a role, like that big-O company has. (Go ahead; put my PERL scripts out of business! :-)
15-Aug-06 91   NA
15-Aug-06 92   Point in time restores per DBspace. This requirement is essential for my comapany as we are currently consolidating our databases within a dbspace. Currently Onbar gives this facility only per instance! Therefore we need to restore all the other databases within different dbspaces to get a database within the required date and time.
15-Aug-06 93   - auditing include mask for table insted of 'user' and 'action' like I want to audit any action done to specific table by any users. - auditing for 'select' and 'delete' command include SQL Statement. like when I delete rows using delete from [table
15-Aug-06 94   If HDR is in asynchronous mode (DRINTERVAL>-1) avoid synchronous check points (PRIMARY has to wait that the SECONDARY completes the checkpoint).
15-Aug-06 95   - recreate tables without dropping them before i.e. 'recreate table a (i int )' would drop existing table a before. For temporary and normal tables. - using regular expressions in where clause in querys
15-Aug-06 96   option that the engine should automatically and dynamically choose the best parameters for LOCKS, BUFFERPOOLS etc, etc. Or let me dynamically decide between two Profiles: During the week the engine is an OLTP system, which has to have short checkpoints and therefore as empty as possible LRUs. On the weekend the engine clears the online-tables and forwards them to archive-tables. During this time the engine is mainly (but not only) a batch-system. I can't switch the engine off for profile-switch!!! But we tested the archiving being 5 times faster with a batch profile. Or find a way not to block transactions during checkpoints
15-Aug-06 97   graphic compiler for 4gl
15-Aug-06 98   1] Capture some of onstat - output when there is a critical activity going-on in the online.log 2] For sending e-mails on critical activity, make provisions to send pages to cell phones. 3] Apart from sending email on table drops, emails can be sent when HDR stops, triggers/SP are dropped, indexes are dropped, Memory allocation error, ALSO, GIVE CONTROL TO DBA FOR SETTING THRESHOLDS FOR onstat commands. 4] Make versions of Stored Procedure. 5] Include dbspace/tablespace growth history for days, weeks and months. 6] Track Indexes missing in the database. Both primary and secondary. 7] Change in Onconfig for all parameters to be also should be made available in online.log. 8] Informix command should be able to check if a tape mount has been done on the drive. 9]onstat -d , should be able to give free space in KB. This is important. also, a column showing %age of free space on a chunk is also desirable. 10] 'PANIC: Attempting to bring system down' , should also send out an email. If possible, the informix support group in IBM must get this email. 11] There should be a way of identifying a backup backed up chunks that may have been corrupted. i.e. if online.log has an entry like :- Action: Run 'oncheck -cI 1074439640' , and if restore of level-0 is to be ordered on the same machine, then restore should restore data to another location/drive/dev. i.e. restore should prompt DBA to create new dbspaces with same names and chunks BUT on a different drive or /dev. Any new level-0 backup to be taken must go to a new tape and not the ones that might have the original backup. 12] ontape should output the time taken for a backup. 13] There should be a command to check 'oninit -v' are running on the server. 14] Also, since defunct processes does critically affect Informix engine, an entry into online.log if detected should be made.
15-Aug-06 99   export/import like Oracle Datapump in Oracle 10g
15-Aug-06 100   Review the requirements of Sorban-Oxley for tracking financial transactions and provide an automatic history table feture to track changes caused by financial transactions
15-Aug-06 101   Give the possibility to define at database level the LOCK/ISOLATION LEVEL. In other words, modify the CREATE DATABASE statements as follow: CREATE DATABASE <name> ... ISOLATION LEVEL [DIRTY|COMMITTED...] LOCK MODE [NOWAIT|WAIT|...]. It could be useful in every ODBC connection
15-Aug-06 102   I still do not have many knowledge of informix, as soon as I come it knowing.
15-Aug-06 103   Need multi-threaded versions of dbexport/dbimport so that several tables can be operated on in parallel and reduce the overall time that the operations require.
15-Aug-06 104   Have the btree cleaners compress down to the value specified by the fillfactor percent.
15-Aug-06 105   Better encryption, or atleast some that you could use without such a huge performance impact
15-Aug-06 106   We need basically more control per session. We'd like to be able to set session/user 'priority', limit resources depending on system load etc. Example: A non-pdq report is using a lot of resources. If the machine is idle, thats OK, however in other cases a command like # onmode -g sesid -pri [0..100] Oracle has some features like this and they are really useful.
15-Aug-06 107   Replacements for HPL (like loads in UDB DB2 Version 8.x).
15-Aug-06 108   Create the ability to move the TBLspace extents in an almost empty chunk. Sometimes after cleanup of tables a chunk only contains a TBLspace extent. The feature to move that TBLspace extent to another chunk within the DBspace would be very useful (essential) to us. Giving us the ability to drop the freed chunk so we can reuse it for another DBspace.
15-Aug-06 109   tool for optimizing online performance
15-Aug-06 110   Feature for specific database user id's to be functional when the instance is in single user mode. Example Configuration mgmt team to be able to deploy schema changes while no application users can connect to the engine. PLOADer capabilities just like in XPS.
15-Aug-06 111   add some functionn like db2advisor
15-Aug-06 112   In-line view support
15-Aug-06 113   Extend SQL stored procedure and SQL language functions to include things like ltrim (left trim) rtrim (right trim) and trim (both). Allow PICTURE or USING or equivilent commands in SQL Stored Procedure Language.
15-Aug-06 114   IBM full text index/search (instead of excalibur)
15-Aug-06 115   1) Fix your security model so that it works like all of the other computer security systems - ie. if you are a member of 3 groups, you have the associated rights of all three groups all of the time, not having to select one to be active. 2) Give the ability to limit resource consumption (memory, CPU, net) when it is constrained (100% util is reached) by users/groups with rules.
15-Aug-06 116   A database scheduling priority would be usefull, similar to 'set PDQPRIORITY'. eg 'set SESSPRIORITY' and give a relative weighting to the INFORMIX scheduler to use as a percentage of normal priority.
15-Aug-06 117   Enhanced Cluster support
15-Aug-06 118   - 'CREATE OR REPLACE' syntax for tables, procedures, functionc, triggers, views ... just like Oracle. - The ability to 'OBFUSCATE' procedures and functions, just like Oracle. - Create/authenticate users in the database (just like Oracle) --> without
30-Aug 119   How about the regexp UDR's - bundle them with the engine
31-Aug 120   I'd like the same set explain functionality that exists in XPS in IDS as well
4-Dec-06 121   Allow to dynamically change a table to non-logging.