IDS New Feature Requests - 2007

Database Backup requests allow warm restore for ER;
Point-in-time restore with ontape
Ontape point-in time restore
Be able to perform point-in-time recovery where there exists more than one database within an instance.
add 'database restore' capabilities to onarchive. Now it can only do 'table restore' -. Create/improve tools to manage onbar archives. Inspect available archives, sizes, etc. Ixbar file should be also archived... -. Create more and better wizards to inspect logs and archives. Have better grain on what should be restored at the tx/user level
Point-in-time restore with ontape - Ability to do a dbexport based on an archive(i.e. with archecher involved); Start back-ups with SQL API
Onbar backup/restore enhancements and configuration
Any improvements to help manage archive data. Compression, read only tables, remove the need to back up this (read only) data with each backup (but we still need to be able to restore it if necessary).
How about an additional option to perform incremental database backup versus the current incremental instance level backup? Not sure if IDS 11 has already had it but how about an option to back up logical log to file system? For auditing, how about displaying the detail query of the session instead of just useless session id where it would be long gone by the time the DBA look at the audit file?
More user-friendly table level restore, i.e with onbar enhancements like onbar -r -t <table1> -t <table2> or similar. Table level restore from big archives takes VERY long (due to the need to scan through the complete archive ?)