External Connectivity  

IDS New Feature Requests - 2007

External tools / product/user support Better .NET and OLEDB support. Better support for tools generally, there's no point in having the best database if nothing talks to it.
ability to 'load' and 'unload' databases by using select statement (or some other mechanism?) - so as users of third party sql editors can still perform load and unload and not have to switch back to server studio to do the task. add gui backup administrator of some sort OR at least ism_watch to Windows platforms.
Support for Java 5 or even 6 in UDR/UDT
More XML (ability to "digest" XML as is)
Support for UTF-16
PLAN_TABLE, V$SQL_PLAN Ability to describe plan of queries to temporary or system table. Some developers not have access to a server filesystem.
Syncing with PDA's (Microsoft Mobile OS) would be excellent
XML shredding is necessary and perhaps a XML native type like DB2.
unload statement within embedded-sql/c++-interface etc.
viewing of image ( not the file name) stored as a blob datatype through isql and i4gl forms without using any other front end
ISQL PRODUCT - support for lines longer than 80 characters in ACE and PERFORM ISQL PRODUCT - support for arrays in ACE ISQL PRODUCT - support for more than 100 variables/functions in ACE
.NET Support: - In Microsoft Windows Server environments, the ability to write functions and stored procedures in C#/VB.NET; - "anydata" data type; - Improve SPL language; - Authorization/Authentication inside the database; - "where" clause support for TEXT and CLOB datatypes; - Enlarge the maximum length of an IDS Index (390 bytes); - Savepoints (like Oracle: rollback to savepoint ...); - "Nested" transactions (like Oracle); - Better GUI tools!
Direct Informix to DB2 replication using ER
Full support for XML data type
provide SAP support !
Make the onstat -g commands visible again to non informix users
Client libraries for Mac OS X! I don't need the database on Mac OS X, but I do need to access the database from Mac OS X. It's Unix!!! It should be a no-brainer, especially since Informix used to have Mac client libraries.
Full Support for certified UDTs in replicated landscapes (especially spatial).
Don't neglect UDTs (spatial) when offering enhancements
Free GUI based Database Administration along with IDS Software. (Similar to Oracle)