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17 March 2010 - Virtualization Review - ...key components of Big Blue's platform to the commercial cloud such as its WebSphere suite of application ser vers and its DB2 and Informix databases... Read
10 February 2010 - The Wall Street Journal - International Business Machines is expanding an initiative to win over students and professors on its products. How do they lure the college crowd?... Read

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This Index allows you to access the IIUG Software Repository and other Informix-related archives on the Net.

Many entries have both a Download link and a View link. In most cases, the View link will display a web-viewable version of the file in your browser. The Download link will allow you to FTP a (usually) compressed version of the file to your local system. For some archive files or other multi-file collections, only the Info file is available for Web viewing. You may also perform a full-context search on the entire repository.

Some software in this Repository is available via special condition or instruction. These packages are available in the Special Software section. Please read and heed the warnings, notices, and special instructions or agreements with each package.

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Many entries have one or more keywords attached to them that indicate the general category of software and/or the source language(s) used. The keywords used in this index are:

ACE     ACE Report Programing Language
AWK     AWK Programing Language
BISON     GNU Version of yacc
C     C Programing Language
C-ISAM     C functions for I-SAM files
CPP     cpp - C Language Preprocessor
DBA     Database Administration Utilities
ESQLC     ESQL/C Environment or ESQL/C Source
I4GL     Informix-4GL Environment or Informix-4GL Source
ISQL     Informix-SQL Environment
ISQLPERL     Perl Extension to Interface with Informix
JAVA     Java Environment or Java Source
KSH     Korn Shell
LEX     lex - Lexical Analysis Program Generator
LSDW     Large Scale Data Warehouse
MISC     Miscellaneous Routines and Utilities
NEWERA     New Era Environment or Source
ORDBMS     Object-Relational Database Extensibility, DataBlades
PERL     Perl Programming Language
PHP     PHP Web Programming Language
SH     Bourne Shell
SPERFORM     Informix Form Generation Utility
SPL     Stored Procedures
SQL     SQL Scripts or General SQL Tools
VB     Visual Basic
YACC     yacc - Yet Another Compiler Compiler

Individual Files

ls-lR Modified 'ls -lR' of entire FTP archive (alphabetic order) [MISC] Download View
ls-ltR Modified 'ls -ltR' of entire FTP archive (most recent additions and updates listed first) [MISC] Download View
4gl_lib Collection of I4GL functions [I4GL] Download  
4gltags_awk Generates vi tags file for I4GL source [AWK, I4GL] Download View
4gltags_c Generates vi tags for I4GL source [C, I4GL] Download View
4gltools_ak 4GL functions to ease application building [I4GL] Download Info
4gltree Produces a function map for I4GL source [AWK, I4GL] Download View
add_date_eom Adds/subtracts dates, forcing bad results to end-of-month [MISC, SPL] Download View
alarm Monitors warnings, errors, and online status of databases [DBA, PERL] Download View
alarm_space Specialized versions of the Informix alarm and evidence shell scripts, plus a script that warns if dbspace is running low, plus 4 other admin scripts [DBA, KSH] Download Info
altris A Tetris look-alike [C, I4GL] Download View
analyse_idx Interactive program that gives information on indexes [DBA, I4GL] Download View
appstart Runs Informix applications setuid [C, I4GL] Download View
aqb_free Active Query Builder is a visual query builder component that allows your end-users to build complex SQL queries via an intuitive visual query building interface. [C, MISC] Download Info
ar2 A portable ar-compatible archiver [C, MISC] Download Info
arch2disk Archives an OnLine database to disk [DBA, SH] Download View
arch_hp_tape Archives an OnLine database to an HP shuttle tape drive [DBA, SH] Download View
areacode Utilities and data for N. American telephone area codes [MISC] Download View
arrdemo Demonstrates a method of displaying I4GL arrays [C, I4GL] Download View
ascii Package for ASCII() and CHR() functions - numbers to characters and vice versa [MISC, SQL] Download Info
asql_yacc ANSI-compliant SQL parser [C, LEX, MISC, YACC] Download View
auto_ontape Runs ontape unattended for multi-tape backup [DBA, SH] Download View
barcode25 Produces CODE I25 barcodes on a PCL printer. See also barcodelp. [I4GL] Download View
barcodelp Functions for printing barcodes on laser printers [I4GL] Download View
barcodesw I4GL interface to the StrandWare barcode package [C, I4GL] Download View
beautify-unl Reformats UNLOAD files and fetched data into neat columns [Perl] [AWK, MISC] Download Info
binary Functions to implement binary arithmetic in I4GL [I4GL] Download View
blackjack The well-known casino game [I4GL] Download View
blob_to_char Converts a TEXT type to a CHAR type [C, I4GL] Download Info
blobtool Loads and unloads blob/text data using JDBC [JAVA] Download Info
bloqueos script for view and kill users using a table [AWK, DBA, SQL] Download Info
browser Browses an array [I4GL] Download View
busdays Adds/subtracts workdays [ESQLC] Download View
calx Pops up a calendar pick-list [I4GL] Download View
cfuncts Functions for use in I4GL, including a Soundex routine [C, I4GL] Download View
cgi_4gl Functions to help create WWW interface programs in I4GL [C, I4GL] Download View
check_prt Examples of printing checks with dollar amounts as words [I4GL] Download View
chkinstall Checks for and optionally fixes Informix installation errors [AWK, DBA, SH] Download View
chklock-1.2 Reports locks on an SE database [C, DBA] Download Info
chkmsg Displays messages in Informix message files [C, ESQLC, MISC] Download View
ckfls Reports files in $INFORMIXDIR with incorrect permissions [DBA, SH] Download View
cmp_row Checks the consistency of rows in an Informix Enterprise Replication configuration [DBA, ESQLC] Download Info
codereuse Article and discussion on writing reusable I4GL code [I4GL] Download View
col2rows Reformats SQL output from columns to rows [ISQL, PERL] Download View
comma2unl Several methods for converting comma-quote files to unload format [AWK, C, MISC, PERL] Download View
connect_4gl I4GL callable ESQLC code for handling CONNECT, etc. [ESQLC, I4GL] Download View
constr_err Traps constraint error and tells which constraint failed [I4GL] Download View
copy_spaces Converts onstat -d commands into onspaces commands [DBA, SH] Download View
credit_card Processes point-of-sale credit card transactions [C, ESQLC, I4GL] Download View
currentdb Stored procedure that returns current database name [MISC, SPL] Download View
cursor_name6 Prints strings that cause problems in I4GL 6.x cursor names [I4GL] Download View
cvtdatetime Functions to convert local datetime and Universal time [I4GL] Download View
datelib_ak Date functions [BISON, C, I4GL, YACC] Download Info
datespl_jl Stored procedures that calculate several ISO 8601 date values [SPL] Download View
db_ontape Runs ontape [DBA, PERL, SH] Download View
db4glgen Generates I4GL code for a basic data-entry screen [SH] Download Info
dbalter Alters one database to be like another [DBA, ISQLPERL] Download View
dbamenu Menu-driven DBA utility script [AWK, DBA, KSH] Download View
dbamon Monitors OnLine engine performance [DBA, SH] Download View
dbbeauty I4GL program beautifier [ESQLC] Download Info
dbarchive.vbs Two VBScript programs designed to automate the Informix ontape archive process [VB] Download Info
dbdatabases Prints a database information report [ESQLC] Download Info
dbdiff2 Generates SQL that alters one database to be like another. UPDATED! Contains a new version created by David Williams. [DBA, I4GL] Download View
dbform Generate default data entry forms [SH] Download Info
dbftosas Converts .dbf files for SAS loading [MISC, PERL] Download View
dbimport.ksh Mimics the functionality of the dbimport utility on the XPS engine [KSH, LSDW, SQL] Download View
dbinfo Prints the schema of a database table to stdout [ESQLC] Download Info
dbinfo_lk Displays INFO statement output [AWK, DBA, SQL] Download View
dbldfmt Converts a fixed-field-length file to LOAD format [C, DBA, MISC] Download View
dblist Dumps the contents of a database table to stdout [ESQLC] Download Info
dblist_c Dumps the contents of a database table to stdout [C, C-ISAM] Download Info
dbloader Generates "load/unload" statements [ESQLC] Download Info
dbreorg Generates SQL to reorg an Informix-ONLINE database table [ESQLC] Download Info
dbrepair Repair "dirpath" column in "systables" table [ESQLC] Download Info
dbreserved Scans Informix database tables for key words [ESQLC] Download Info
dbrowlock Set lock mode of a database table to row-level [ESQLC] Download Info
dbsyntax Checks the syntax of SQL statements [ESQLC] Download Info
dbupdates Generates SQL to update stats for a database or table [ESQLC] Download Info
dbmon_pm Database monitoring utility scripts [AWK, DBA, SH] Download View
dbnames Gets list of visible databases [ESQLC] Download View
dbping Simple timing to see if your database connection is up [AWK, DBA, MISC, SH] Download View
dbpipe Executes SQL from multiple sources through a single dbaccess process [AWK, KSH, SQL] Download View
dbps merges the output of onstat -g ses with ps -f (ie not Berkeley) [DBA, PERL] Download Info
dbref Analyzes referential integrity & builds (un)load scripts [DBA, I4GL] Download View
dbsh Splits dbschema output into a set of files [AWK, DBA, SH] Download View
dbspace_pages Reports unused space in all dbspaces [DBA, SH, SQL] Download View
dbspace_space Reports unused space in all dbspaces [DBA, SH, SQL] Download View
dbstruct Generates C structs for database tables [ESQLC, SH] Download View
dbtop Quick real-time resource monitor for Informix database servers, similar to the Unix 'top' command. [DBA, PERL] Download Info
dbweb-1.0.3 Web based database interrogator and remote monitor [C, DBA, ESQLC, MISC] Download Info
dbxref Cross-references I4GL variables, labels and functions [C, I4GL] Download View
ddhash_stats Calculate DD_HASHSIZE and DD_HASHMAX [C, DBA] Download Info
defrag_table Defragments tables [DBA, PERL, SQL] Download View
deinstall Uninstalls and removes Informix software products [AWK, DBA, SH] Download View
disk_struct Displays the disk structure for the current instance [DBA, I4GL, SH] Download View
dm Shows summary of output from various onstat commands [DBA, ESQLC] Download View
dup-auth Generates SQL to grant or revoke existing table and column privileges [DBA, KSH, SQL] Download View
dup_spaces Produces onspaces commands to replicate dbspaces, chunks, temp spaces and blob spaces [AWK, DBA, KSH] Download View
easter Several methods of calculating Easter for a specified year [C, I4GL] Download View
escape UNIX/Windows shell script to preserve spaces in arguments [C, MISC] Download Info
editstr A substring replacement function for use in Informix-4GL [C, I4GL] Download View
emacs_4gl I4GL mode file for emacs [I4GL] Download View
entropymap Dirty bit of 4GL to display extent entropy in a dbspace as html [DBA, I4GL, MISC] Download Info
errmsgtbl Creates a database table of Informix error messages [AWK, DBA, MISC, SH] Download View
esql_c++ Instructions and files for compiling ESQLC programs with c++, including header (".h") files containing ESQLC function prototypes (TechInfo # 5563) [C, ESQLC, SH] Download View
esql_cpp Preprocesses ESQLC programs using cpp [AWK, CPP, ESQLC] Download View
esql_proto2 File describing ESQLC function prototypes [C, ESQLC] Download View
eSQLEditor shows list of tables or procedures by pattern of name, columns, indexes, etc; paste name of table or other database object to sql text by double click; execute sql scripts with timing and logging and show error place. [C, ESQLC] Download Info
esqlutil Generates C structs for database tables [ESQLC] Download View
excel4w Excel file output with Informix 4GL [C, ESQLC, I4GL, MISC] Download Info
exec_sql_udr Bladelet that provides dynamic SQL functionality within an SPL procedure [C, ORDBMS, SPL, SQL] Download Info
extent_report Reports extent size and usage info [DBA, PERL] Download View
extentsize Calculates extent sizing for a table [DBA, SH] Download View
fgl_crypt Several approaches to encrypting strings in a I4GL program [C, I4GL] Download View
fgl_run Runs commands without I4GL "run" statement [C, I4GL] Download View
fgldoc A documenter for I4GL programs [C, ESQLC, I4GL, LEX, YACC] Download View
fgledit Small script that simplifies the development cycle for .4gl and .per files [I4GL, PERL] Download Info
fglpp A I4GL preprocessor/precompiler [AWK, I4GL] Download Info
find_tmp_tbls Lists temp tables per session in an instance using onstat [AWK, DBA, KSH, MISC] Download Info
format_ps Formats the output of ps -el, shows in a tree-like format who started what - oninit processes are shown as owning shm segments (IDS not XPS) [C, DBA, MISC] Download View
fragments.shar Details on every tablespace (including fragments ) on a server [AWK, DBA, KSH, MISC] Download Info
get_user Returns current login-ID to a I4GL program [C, I4GL] Download View
getopt I4GL version of getopt(3) function [I4GL] Download View
gettype Article/code for getting data type from syscolumns [C, ESQLC, SH] Download View
hangman The well-known word guessing game [I4GL] Download View
hierarc_sql Handles hierarchical data like parts explosion [ACE, ESQLC, SQL] Download View
idbb Automatic Informix database back-up utility [DBA, SH] Download View
idstools A collection of numerous tools for I4GL and ESQL/C development, and database administration of IDS [AWK, C, DBA, ESQLC, I4GL, MISC, SH] Download Info
iedit Simple text editor [C, I4GL] Download View
ifmx_user Counts the number of concurrent Informix users (sessions) [DBA, ESQLC, MISC] Download Info
ifx.tables Analyses .4gi files and lists tables used, plus flags indicating type of activity on those tables [I4GL, PERL] Download View
ifx_xferdb Import a database (across platforms) using External tables and PIPES [DBA, KSH] Download Info
ifx5utils Informix 5 Online utilities [C] Download Info
iid Informix-4GL code beautifier [C, I4GL] Download View
img2mac Script to create a printer macro from an image file to print images from an Informix 4GL report (Logos, check signatures etc...) [I4GL, SH] Download Info
incerto Random number generator for I4GL [C, I4GL] Download View
indexSizeEstimating EXCEL spreadsheet to estimate the size of a new index [DBA, KSH] Download Info
inferr Scans .err files for error messages [AWK, I4GL] Download View
infmx2html Creates Web pages describing one or more databases [DBA, I4GL] Download View
infmx_tidy Informix-4GL code beautifier [C, I4GL] Download View
informixtypes Stored procedures to decode coltype and collength into strings [SPL] Download Info
InformixDB Python DB-API Implementation for IBM Informix [ESQLC, MISC] Download Info
InformixDynamicServerDialect Extending the Hibernate Informix Dialect [JAVA] Download Info
infotable Gives comprehensive information about a table similar to Oracle's "describe" command [DBA, ESQLC, MISC] Download Info
infspy Watches SQL activity over TCP/IP connections [C, MISC, SQL] Download View
intvl_conv Functions to convert intervals [ESQLC, MISC, SPL] Download View
intvl_round Rounds intervals [I4GL] Download View
iotest Scripts that determine the number of possible AIO VPs in a coserver [C, LSDW, PERL] Download View Extract outstanding IPA information from 'oncheck -pT' output [MISC, PERL] Download View
isextract Unloads data from C-ISAM files [C, DBA, ESQLC, MISC] Download Info
isqlperl12 isqlperl 1.2 - perl interface to Informix databases [C, MISC, PERL, SQL] Download View
ixlocks Open Admin Tool plugin to monitor locks [PHP] Download Info
JLoader load / unload via jdbc, BLOB handling incomplete [DBA, JAVA] Download Info
jselect Runs SELECT statements and outputs various formats [JAVA] Download View
killidle Monitors and kills idle processes [AWK, DBA, MISC] Download View
kw Prints I4GL source file with keywords in upper case [C, I4GL] Download View
l_pop Handles pop-up windows for display and choosing [I4GL] Download View
linkpath LINKPATH is a program that lets you check the security of the path leading to $INFORMIXDIR, or indeed for any file or directory. [C, DBA] Download Info
listiem Lists contents of Informix error message file [C, MISC] Download View
listtabchunk a tool which will print all tables/indexes residing in a chunk [DBA, ESQLC] Download Info
load2 Library of ESQL/C generic data load/unload functions for Informix database + couple of useful utilities which makes use of this library (xml loader for example). [C, ESQLC, MISC] Download Info
lockrep Reports tables locked by users [AWK, DBA, MISC, SH] Download View
lockwt Reports user sessions holding locks and any sessions waiting for those locks to be released [DBA, ESQLC] Download Info
logcheck Reads log numbers from logical log tapes [AWK, DBA, SH] Download View
logs Real-time HDR replication monitor for Informix database servers. [DBA, PERL] Download Info
long2time Converts an ER timestamp into display format [C, DBA, MISC] Download View
look_date Allows date selection in a pop-up window [I4GL] Download View
loop_scr Generates multi-table SPERFORM screens [AWK, ISQL, SH] Download View
lwt_install Windows embedability tool to deploy pre-configured IDS instances [C, DBA, MISC] Download Info
lu_cust Replaces DISPLAY/INPUT ARRAY for customer look-up/choosing [I4GL] Download View
m4gl M4 macro to provide define/include for I4GL [I4GL] Download View
maintlib Functions for writing interactive maintenance programs [C, I4GL] Download View
make_sccs Examples for using make with I4GL & ISQL, plus numerous scripts and utilities for working with SCCS [AWK, I4GL, ISQL, SH] Download View
makedic Makes a data dictionary listing file [I4GL, MISC] Download View
master_event.plx This program will monitor all event's reported by the Informix Engine. [DBA, PERL] Download View
maxextents Determines total number of extents for a table [C, DBA, JAVA] Download View
mbp_ontape Utilities for unattended backup of database and logs to disk [DBA, KSH, SH] Download View
mdspatial Multi-dimensional spatial datablade module [C, ORDBMS, SPL] Download Info
meta_qa Detect differences between source data and a table [I4GL, KSH, MISC] Download Info
metaphone Several implementations of the Metaphone phonetic algorithm [C, I4GL, MISC] Download View
metrics_4gl Computes several metrics for I4GL source files [I4GL, MISC, PERL] Download View
misql Alternative to isql/dbaccess, including simple forms [DBA, I4GL, ISQL, MISC] Download View
mkfinderr Creates unload file of first lines of all Informix error messages for use in a table accessible via SPL [KSH, MISC, SPL] Download View
mkproc Creates procedures from SQL statements in files [C, ESQLC, ISQL, MISC] Download View
mkshar Makes shell archives ("shar's") [MISC, SH] Download View
mkupdstats SQL script that generates recommended UPDATE STATISTICS commands [DBA, SQL] Download View
mon_buffer Reports buffer utilization [AWK, DBA, KSH] Download View
monitor Database that holds historical and performance data on all tables [DBA, KSH, SQL] Download Info
monitor_space Monitors dbspaces for level of fullness [AWK, DBA, SH] Download View
movetab Allows moving tables between Informix instances without having to turn off logging [DBA, ESQLC, MISC] Download Info
msg_pmpt Displays message box and lets user choose option [I4GL] Download View
multi_rpt Multiple report interleaved output processing [C, I4GL] Download View
myexport Replacements for dbexport and dbimport [AWK, DBA, KSH, MISC] Download Info
myonpload Command line interface to onpload like sqlunload and sqlreload [DBA, ESQLC, MISC, SQL] Download Info
need_inc_4gl Determines if a I4GL program requires an include file [I4GL, JAVA] Download View
newera_INDEX A listing of the FTP files and directories in /pub/informix/pub/newera [NEWERA] Download View
newera_make Replaces nmake.exe when PC New Era compiles to only p-code [NEWERA, PERL] Download View
newupper A version of upper() designed to run faster [MISC, SPL] Download View
noncaseqry Converts WHERE clause for non-case-sensitive query [I4GL] Download View
ntutils A set of Windows utilities to assist with INFORMIX administrative tasks on Windows [MISC] Download Info
nwera4gl.exe I4GL to New Era migration tools (PC self-extracting archive) [NEWERA] Download  
on_to_unload Reads arcunload or single-table onunload output [AWK, C, DBA] Download View
oncheck.ksh Mimics the oncheck utility's functionality on XPS [KSH, LSDW, SQL] Download View
ondd.ksh This script provides serial or parallel data streams in conjunction with the HPL to move data between versions 7, 8, and 9 instances. [DBA, KSH, LSDW] Download Info
onlsize Reports sizes of OnLine databases [DBA, PERL] Download View
OnManager An administration utility to monitor server, user sessions, manage disk space, grant and limit access to databases [C, DBA, ESQLC, SQL] Download Info
onprocs Shows which stored procedures are being executed [AWK, DBA, MISC, SH] Download View
onspaces.ksh Mimics the functionality of the onspaces utility on XPS [KSH, LSDW, SQL] Download View
onstat_rau_ur Computes read ahead utilization and bufwait ratios from onstat -p [AWK, DBA] Download View
onsts Display sql for active sessions [DBA, PERL] Download Info
onweb_10uc1_aix The 1.0 UC1 release of OnWeb in compressed TAR format for AIX [DBA, PERL, SQL] Download Info
onweb_10uc1_dec The 1.0 UC1 release of OnWeb in compressed TAR format for DIGITAL UNIX [DBA, PERL, SQL] Download Info
onweb_10uc1_hp The 1.0 UC1 release of OnWeb in compressed TAR format for HP-UX [DBA, PERL, SQL] Download Info
onweb_10uc1_lin The 1.0 UC1 release of OnWeb in compressed TAR format for LINUX [DBA, PERL, SQL] Download Info
onweb_10uc1_sol The 1.0 UC1 release of OnWeb in compressed TAR format for SOLARIS [DBA, PERL, SQL] Download Info
orclproc Oracle function equivalents as stored procedures [DBA, ISQL, SPL] Download View
partitions Lists table info like extents and pages in partitions [AWK, DBA, KSH, SQL] Download View
partn Decodes partnum column in onstat commands and adds "database:owner.table[#index][%fragpart][,fragdbs]" to stdout [DBA, ESQLC] Download Info
period Bladelet that provides SQL support for managing fixed time intervals [C, ORDBMS, SPL, SQL] Download Info
pgdump Displays pages of an OnLine database [C, DBA, MISC] Download View
php_pdo_informix PHP PDO driver for IDS (Windows binaries & source) [C, ESQLC, MISC] Download Info
pload.tar Scripts to help manipulate the onpload database without going through the graphical user interface (not same as [KSH, LSDW, SQL] Download Info Scripts to help manipulate the onpload database without going through the graphical user interface (not same as pload.tar) [ESQLC, LSDW, SQL] Download Info
ppcc4gl Preprocesses I4GL source using cpp [CPP, I4GL, SH] Download View
pres_ext Creates SQL script to preserve OnLine extents [DBA, SH] Download View
privproc Reports privileges for Stored Procedures [ACE, DBA, ISQL] Download View
progbar Displays a progress bar to track completion of a process [I4GL] Download View
progtest A test of 25 questions for I4GL programmers with answers [I4GL] Download View
prt_decimal Methods of formatting decimal numbers for printing [C, I4GL] Download View
pwatson_utils Paul Watson's utilities ondump, onspeed and onpatch [DBA, ESQLC] Download Info
qbe_php Provides a method for constructing QBE queries in PHP [MISC, PHP] Download View
query_win Provides scrolling QBE pick-list in a pop-up window [I4GL] Download View
random_4gl Random number generator for I4GL [C, I4GL] Download View
random_spl Stored procedures for generating a random number [ISQL, SPL] Download View
random_udr Bladelet with several random number User Defined Routines (UDR's) [C, ORDBMS, SQL] Download Info
ratios Calculates Read-ahead utilization, Bufwaits and Buffer Turnover ratios [DBA, PERL] Download View
ratios.shr_ak Script and SQL to calculate server performance metrics [AWK, DBA, KSH, MISC, SQL] Download Info
rdslib There are three programs in this product for use with Informix 4GL-RDS: rdsscan p-code scanner ; rdslib p-code librarian ; rdslink p-code linker [C, I4GL] Download Info
readwriteperf Read and write program that determines I/O throughput on a machine [C, LSDW] Download View
recreate_er_define_stmts Enterprise Replication - Reverse engineer "cdr define" statements from syscdr [DBA, MISC, SH, SQL] Download Info
reccmp Compares data in two identically structured RECORDs in I4GL [C, I4GL] Download View
recursion An example of recursion in I4GL [ESQLC, I4GL] Download View
ref_load_ord Loading order for tables with referential dependencies [AWK, MISC, SH] Download View
reform_sql Reformats ISQL output to 1 wide line per row [AWK, ISQL] Download View
rehex Reformats hexadecimal numbers from onstat commands. [C, DBA] Download Info
repos_maint Files and scripts used to configure and maintain the IIUG Software Repository [AWK, MISC, SH] Download View
reorg_pl Reorganizes an entire database or single table [DBA, PERL] Download View
reserved List of I4GL and ISQL reserved keywords [C, ESQLC, I4GL, ISQL] Download View
rix-0.4 This is a program that allows you to run the onstats against remote hosts, or, if you run multiple instances on one machine, then is sorts your environment. [C, DBA] Download Info
rpt_awk Functions to control AWK reports like I4GL or ACE [AWK, I4GL, ISQL] Download View
rpt_blobs Prints BLOB's such as images and logo's in I4GL reports [C, I4GL] Download View
rpt_length Several approaches to having variable report lengths [I4GL] Download View
rpt_size Changes I4GL report dimensions at run-time [C, I4GL] Download View
rptview UNIX file browsing and processing tool [I4GL] Download Info
save_idx Saves and recreate indexes [AWK, DBA, SH] Download View
sccstools Collection of tools for working with SCCS [C, MISC, SH] Download View
schemadiff Compares 2 schemas, described in _Tech_Notes_ v5,i3 [C, DBA] Download View
scriba Tools for documenting and indexing I4GL source files [AWK, I4GL, MISC, SH] Download View
seqscan Monitors sequential scans using "onstat -g ppf" [AWK, DBA, SH, SQL] Download View
setenv An enhanced version of putenv(3 [C, I4GL] Download View
set_index This script sets the object mode of contraints and indexes on a table(s) either ENABLED or DISABLED. [DBA, KSH] Download Info
setixd Tools for Working with Multiple INFORMIXDIRs [C, DBA, SH, SQL] Download Info
sh_select Example of doing SQL queries from the shell [AWK, ISQL, MISC, SH] Download View
size9 Script to size databases, esp v9 [DBA, SPL, SQL] Download Info
solitaire Solitaire game similar to the one on most Windows PC's [I4GL] Download View
soundex Utilities for generating Soundex codes [C, I4GL] Download View
soundex_ius Soundex function for use in with Illustra/Universal Server [C, I4GL, MISC] Download View
soundex_spl Stored procedure to return a 5-position Soundex code [I4GL, MISC, SPL] Download View
space_usage Reports table space usage in an OnLine database [C, DBA, I4GL] Download View
spl_jl_20021010 Collection of stored procedures and functions, some of which are more recent versions of those appearing in other Repository packages [SPL] Download View
split_string Functions for splitting/parsing I4GL strings [C, I4GL] Download View
split_udr Bladelet with two string handling UDR's similar to Perl split operator [C, ORDBMS, SQL] Download Info
spsl Stored procedure that shows who owns locks on a table [DBA, SPL] Download View
sql_yacc SQL parser [C, LEX, MISC, YACC] Download View
sqlcmd-91.02 Interprets and processes SQL commands (Version 91.02) [C, ESQLC, SQL] Download Info
sqlfmt 4GL cross-referencing program [C, I4GL] Download Info
sqlda_funcs Functions for handling sqlda structures [ESQLC] Download View
sqlrun32 Win32 executable to process SQL on a remote Informix server [DBA, ISQL] Download Info
sqlstruct Outputs a C structure corresponding to the output of a specified SQL SELECT statement [ESQLC] Download Info
sqrt_4gl sqrt() function for I4GL [C, I4GL] Download View
sqsl Structured Query Scripting Languge Tool [BISON, DBA, ESQLC, MISC, SQL, YACC] Download Info
su_ontape Does an su to user "informix", then runs ontape [C, DBA] Download View
sysmaster SQL scripts using the sysmaster database to provide monitoring and tuning of your Informix Server [DBA, ISQL, SQL] Download Info
tab_col_frm Table/column information screen file [DBA, SPERFORM] Download View
table-iostats Displays I/O counts for each tblspace [AWK, DBA, SH, SQL] Download View
tbed Database access and manipulation tool [I4GL] Download Info
tbheader Prints header information from an Informix back-up tape [C, DBA] Download View
tbl_ring_mnu Table-driven ring menu utility [I4GL] Download View
tbrb Report building tool [I4GL] Download Info
tbrpt Combines several tbstat options into one report [AWK, DBA, SH, SQL] Download View
tbschema A schema utility similar to dbschema [ESQLC] Download Info
tcl4gl Functions for interfacing TCL with Informix-4GL [C, I4GL] Download View
tclsql Functions for interfacing TCL with Informix-SQL [C, ESQLC, ISQL] Download View
temptab Generates information about temporary tables [DBA, I4GL] Download View A perl version of temptab [DBA, PERL] Download Info
termcap_keys Helps determine special key values for termcap entries [C, MISC] Download View
test4glcomp Source code to test I4GL compiler [I4GL] Download View
timeout Allows I4GL programs to set input time-out intervals [C, I4GL] Download View
topdb Monitors database activity using onstat similar to Unix top command [AWK, DBA, SH, SQL] Download View
trigger Attaches to the end of a file and spawns processes whenever a key string is added [C, DBA, MISC] Download View
trigger_test Tests triggers and stored procedures from I4GL [DBA, I4GL, MISC, SQL] Download View
tx_split Splits SQL update/delete statements into smaller transaction groups to avoid lock table overflows and long transaction problems [DBA, ESQLC, MISC, SQL] Download Info
undelete Undelete rows via decoding onlog listing [DBA, PERL] Download Info
unixtimespl Stored procedures that convert seconds to/from datetime values, which is often helpful in Unix environments [MISC, SPL] Download View
unl_utils Utilities for converting csv-files to Informix unl-files and vice-versa. [C] Download Info
unused_space Reports remaining space in currently used volumes [AWK, DBA, SH] Download View
updstats_fn SHELL scripts to update statistics [DBA, KSH] Download Info
upd_stats Collection of utilities that generate optimal update statistics statements and perform other Informix and Unix functions [DBA, PERL] Download Info
upd_stats_rt Generate and perform UPDATE STATISTICS on Informix tables [DBA, PERL] Download Info
update_statistics An ESQLC update statistics controller [ESQLC] Download Info
updblob Generic program to update BLOB fields [ESQLC] Download View
upper_spl Methods for upshifting characters in SPL [ISQL, MISC, SPL, SQL] Download View
upshift_spl Methods for upshifting characters in SPL [ISQL, MISC, SPL, SQL] Download View
uque Identifies who's locked on what and what it is that is locked [DBA, ESQLC, MISC] Download View
utils_ak Database administration scripts and programs [AWK, DBA, ESQLC, SH] Download View
utils2_ak Database administration programs and utilities [DBA, ESQLC] Download Info
utils3_ak Event alarm handler program and script [C, DBA, KSH] Download View
utils4_ak Scripts to process dbschema or myschema (utils2_ak) output [AWK, DBA] Download View
utils_jl Database administration utility package [C, DBA, SH] Download View
utils_sp Database administration scripts and programs [C, DBA, I4GL, PERL] Download View
vari_functs Functions using variable values [C, I4GL] Download View
vie Views/corrects Informix-4GL error files [SH] Download Info
viewer Web browser based database query tool using servlets [JAVA] Download Info
vertmenu Vertical pull-down menus for I4GL [C, I4GL] Download View
vertmenu_tk Tony Kaser has made some changes to vertmenu that fit his needs. He has included a file called CHANGES that hightlights his modifications. This is not to be considered as a drop in replacement of Marco Greco's vertmenu. [C, I4GL] Download Info
vgrind_4gl Vgrind definition file for I4GL [I4GL] Download View
virtual_os Provides a wrapper around operating system type calls [C, NEWERA] Download View
who_access Determines who is accessing or locking a table [AWK, DBA, KSH, SQL] Download View
who-locks Display pertinent information on locks [DBA, KSH] Download Info
wordwrap Demonstrates using INPUT ARRAY and WORDWRAP [I4GL] Download View
work_days Methods for computing number of work days [I4GL] Download View
ww Wraps long lines in text files without splitting words [AWK, MISC, SH] Download View
xtbload X application that displays OnLine status similar to xload [C, DBA] Download View
zipbundle Prints bundling instructions for bulk mailing by Zipcode [I4GL] Download View

Multi-File Collections

New Era pickdate
Files to demonstrate the "pickdate" functionality in New Era 2.0 [NEWERA]
Zip archive of all files    Download  
calend.ico    Download  
datetest.4gh    Download View
datetest.4gi    Download  
datetest.4gl    Download View
datetest.exe    Download  
datetest.wif    Download View
pickdafn.4gl    Download View
pickdate.4gh    Download View
pickdate.4gl    Download View
pickdate.wif    Download View
readme.txt    Download View

New Era picklist
Files to demonstrate the "picklist" functionality in New Era 2.0 [NEWERA]
Zip archive of all files    Download  
applyd.bmp    Download  
applye.bmp    Download  
applyp.bmp    Download  
buttonlb.4gl    Download View
clipbd.ico    Download  
gffrd.bmp    Download  
gffre.bmp    Download  
gffrp.bmp    Download  
gflrd.bmp    Download  
gflre.bmp    Download  
gflrp.bmp    Download  
gfnpd.bmp    Download  
gfnpe.bmp    Download  
gfnpp.bmp    Download  
gfppd.bmp    Download  
gfppe.bmp    Download  
gfppp.bmp    Download  
picklist.4gh    Download View
picklist.4gl    Download View
picklist.rc    Download View
picklist.wif    Download View
picksql.4gl    Download View
picktest.4gh    Download View
picktest.4gi    Download  
picktest.4gl    Download View
picktest.exe    Download  
picktest.wif    Download View
readme.txt    Download View
revertd.bmp    Download  
reverte.bmp    Download  
revertp.bmp    Download  
sqllb.4gl    Download View

Several collections of functions for processing flat files from within I4GL programs [C, I4GL]    Download View
file_io.rds    Download View    Download View

Source version of an I4GL CGI interface [I4GL]
README    Download Info
Manual_PDF User's manual in PDF format  Download View
i4glcgi_tar    Download  
i4glcgi_examples    Download  

Multi-part distribution (part00 - part03) of a program that is an example of doing multi-screen input in I4GL [C, I4GL]
part00    Download View
part01    Download View
part02    Download View
part03    Download View

A collection of termcap entries submitted by Informix users and/or taken from public postings on the Net. In most cases, these entries work correctly in the specific environment for which they were developed. However, they have been accumulated here without testing or editing, so of course "your mileage may vary."

The entries are divided into files based loosely on the actual and/or emulated equipment which they support. This categorization is somewhat arbitrary, and is designed mainly to help decide if a new entry is already in the archive. There is some overlap of entries; e. g., entries for Wyse terminals emulating DEC VT100's appear in the files for both "Wyse" and "VTxxx" groups. [MISC]
INDEX    Download View
Altos    Download View
ANSI    Download View
ATT    Download View
HP    Download View
IBM    Download View
Intergraph    Download View
Motorola    Download View
Sequent    Download View
Sun    Download View
VTxxx    Download View
Wyse    Download View
xterm    Download View

Other Sources for Software

This section contains links to other sources for software. To be listed in this section, software must be of broad applicability in an Informix enviroment, such as database development and management utilities or general purpose end-user tools. It must also be open source or freeware, or must have a free demo or evaluation version available.

  • 4glWorks - Application framework for Informix-4GL [I4GL]
  • Aubit4GL - Aubit Open Source Informix-4GL compatible complier and other 4GL development tools [I4GL]
  • DBStudio A free tool for fast SPL and query development [DBA, SPL, SQL]
  • Power-4gl Power-4gl - Application framework and user interface toolkit for Informix-4gl. [I4GL]
  • IfxSQL - Database access tool for Windows that can make queries, execute scripts, export data, design reports, etc. [SQL]
  • Server Studio Server Studio JE with Sentinel - A comprehensive suite of tools to support IBM Informix databases from initial design, development and testing, through to production deployment and operational service [DBA, SPL, SQL]
  • WinSQL - Generic database query tool for use under Windows [DBA, SQL]
  • WF Software - Admin scripts, a 4GL generator, other tools and how-to files [DBA, I4GL, SQL]
  • Special Software
  • User Group FTP Directories
  • Other On-Line Resources